Leslie Scott-Jones and Brandon Lee, Historical Matters

Leslie Scott-Jones and Brandon Lee, Historical Matters

Pedro Lasch, Fire and Ice

MATTER Poster design by Lydia Gregory

The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, Story Stream

Annie Temmink, Beast Project

John Freyer, The Free Hot Coffee Bike

Ed Miller, The People's Portrait Project

Bernard Hankins, Meaning and Matter: Race and Space

Tanja Softić, (Re)Vision

Nina Frances Burke and Brielle DuFlon, First Matter, An Alchemical Remediation of Contaminated Space

Terry Hardy, The Charlottesville Memorial Mandala

Federico Cuatlacuatl, Tikis < Papalotes

LuLu LoLo, Blessing and Compassion from Mother Cabrini, Saint of the Immigrants

Carolina Mayorga, PINKmentation

Linda Mary Montano, WE ARE ALL HUNGRY

Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell, Move Along, Nothing to See Here

The hands of Linda Mary Montano on the back of Alicia Grullón